L0 parts synthesis / cloning into openMTA plasmids

We are building the Marchantia library of L0 parts following the common syntax rules, using standard fusion sites depending on the type of part.

We are using Loop to assemble L1 and L2 constructs. Loop is an efficient and simple type IIS assembly method that uses BsaI and SapI as type IIS enzymes. Thus, the Marchantia L0 parts are domesticated for BsaI and SapI. More details on Loop here.

We are sending L0 parts for synthesis and synthesis companies have agreed to cloned into the pUAP1 plasmid, which is under openMTA. The pUAP1 plasmid has BsaI sites to digest out the part and assemble it with the other L0 parts in order to make a L1 construct. pUAP1 in Addgene here.

We are cloning L0 parts into pUAP4, a new version of pUAP1 in order to clone into it using SapI. pUAP4 has been developed by Eftychios Frangedakis and Susana Saurte-Gueto, a the Haseloff Lab.

OpenPlant Marchantia library of L0 parts

L0parts groups adding -by Dec2017.001.jpeg

Contribute parts to the kit

At the moment most of the parts come from the Haseloff Lab, but we are collaborating with other researchers/ groups, so if you'd like to contribute, you are welcomed to contact us.