Collection of Proximal promoters of Marchantia Transcription Factors

Marchantia has a small genome (280 Mb). Most of the major gene families present on more advanced plants are represented by a single or few orthologues in Marchantia, meaning that there is low genetic redundancy.

You can find the list of Transcritpion Factors in Marchantia at PlantTFBD.

Throughout biology Transcription factors have been shown to elicit cell fate changes and establish cell lineages. Thus through characterising the upstream sequences of TF genes, we aim at finding gene regulatory sequences to express genes of interest in specific times and cellular types throughout development that can be used for different synthetic biology applications.

We are starting our screen for gene regulatory sequences by generating a collection of proximal promoters (up to ~2kb) and 5UTR of TF. 

We are aiming at characterising a group of them in the lab, and at making the collection available to the community, with the aim of having a community lead database of parts and expression patterns.